Cemetery Restrictions


The St. Francis De Sales Church/Cemetery Project is underway. This project was funded in part by the church itself as well as by a grant from the Governor's Office of Local Developtment.
Cleaning has been completed on aprox. 40 monuments with over a hundred left to be cleaned. There will be many stones needing repairs, straightening and/or entirely new foundations. The Cemetery consists of many Civil War Era gravestones as well as a Revolutionary War Soldier (Bennett Greenwell) and many immigrants of European descent. The cemetery is a well kept inviting area with much room for future use. It sits on a lovely flat piece of ground with new landscaping and just the right amount of trees and it's located just inside Scott County. After completion of the restoration this will be a very appealing final resting place for many. The Church/Cemetery is located on Georgetown Road (US460) approx. 7 miles from the Forks of Elkhorn.  I have included some before and after pictures below to show the nature of the work being done. If your Church has questions about restoring and old cemetery please contact Herb Semones at 502-875-2745 or for quotes and help in acquiring government grants to help fund the restoration process.

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