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Welcome to our LOCAL CUSTOMER page! (Residents of Central Kentucky)This is where we take your orders for new or previously printed items. You can request us to re-run an exact repeat order or you can make changes to it online. You will be able to upload new files. (see files we can accept) Please fill out the following order form. 
We appreciate your business! Thank you!

Please fill in all fields for new forms! For repeat jobs fill in as many fields as possible for the best accuracy. If we have been doing this form for a while less information will be needed. Please include anything about the job that may not have been included on this form in the Comments or Instructions Box.  

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Files We Accept Online
We Prefer the following file types: Adobe Acrobat (.pdf), Corel Draw (.cdr), Microsoft Publisher (.pub), Microsoft Word (.doc), If you are preparing the layout yourself please scan all photographs at 300 dpi, convert them to CMYK format instead of your scanners default (RGB) and save as a .tiff file. If you cannot do this we may be able to talk you through it give us a call. We offer scanning and file preparation if you cannot. If we work together before you layout your document we can save you many headaches later on when you have the job printed. If you have questions call or e-mail us. We are able to import many other file types as well. Try us!
We accept files online, or on 1.44mb floppy disks, 100mb zip disks, or cdroms.  


If you need to see a proof it will be sent by fax or in a .pdf format. To view a .pdf file you need Adobe Acrobat Reader. You may download it from the link below. Please follow all rules and regulations required by Adobe.

click here to download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0