Cemetery Restrictions

Cemetery Restrictions

To insure strict quality control requirements many Cemeteries have restrictions regarding the size, style, location and materials being used as memorials. Be sure to see if your cemetery has any restrictions such as those listed above. Many dig and pour all foundations for all monuments erected in the cemetery. They provide this service to insure that all foundations be uniform and to help supplement the income of the cemetery. They do not allow private companies to pour foundations on their grounds.
     Foundation charges vary greatly from cemetery to cemetery. In cemeteries that do not provide a foundation service FRANKFORT MONUMENT will provide this service for all monuments bought from our firm for a charge of $60.00 per square foot ($100.00 Minimum)*  within a 25 mile radius of Frankfort where permitted. For all other foundations certain travel charges will apply.
* = Additional charges may apply on mausoleums, ledgers and other specialty stones or when gravesite is located on extreme hills or other difficult landscapes.
You must find the square footage of your base. To find this you must multiply the length of the base times the width of the base. (EXAMPLE: 48" x 12" = 576 square inches)
Once you have the square inches you need to divide this number by 144 to give you the square footage. (EXAMPLE: 576 sq. in. divided by 144 = 4 sq. ft.)
Multiply the square footage by the rate per square foot (EXAMPLE: 4 sq. ft. x $60.00 per sq. ft. = $240.00) This figure is for a concrete foundation poured even with the ground surface not for a granite base. To insure that all of our monuments stand straight for eternity we prefer to pour our own foundations. We pay extra careful attention to the depth and the final finish of the foundation to insure no problems in the setting stage of the memorial.

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